All you don't know about liposomal vitamin c

Liposomal vitamin c helps to burn fat

It is a little-known benefit of this vitamin which is mainly due to its participation in the formation of carnitine, an essential substance so that our cells can burn fat.

Thus, there are studies that link a higher proportion of fat mass with lower levels of liposomal vitamin c and also, it has been proven that those who have the highest proportions of this vitamin * * oxidize more lipids during exercise * *.

Specifically, those who have low levels of liposomal vitamin c can burn up to 25% less fat during physical exertion, so if you are trying to get rid of weight and above all, reduce the fat in your body, you should know that liposomal vitamin c It's key to achieving it.

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Citrus is not the only source of liposomal vitamin c

In addition to orange and other citrus fruits that, of course, are excellent sources of this nutrient with antioxidant function, it is important to know that liposomal vitamin c is found in many other foods of vegetable origin.

For example, red pepper, Brussels sprouts, parsley, broccoli, acerolas, blackcurrants, papaya, kale and other foods, outweigh the orange liposomal vitamin c content.

In addition, it is important to know that liposomal vitamin c deficits are very rare because consuming a varied diet in which fruits and vegetables are not missing easily we cover their daily quota of 75 and 90 mg in women and men, respectively.

Liposomal vitamin c, also to take care of your bones and teeth

If you want to keep healthy bones and teeth, you should know that not only calcium can help you, but liposomal vitamin c also contributes to your care by favoring the absorption of the mineral and intervening in the formation of collagen.

In addition, liposomal vitamin c has been linked to lower loss of bone mass, even though the passage of time may predict the opposite.

Similarly, the acidic character of liposomal vitamin c that improves the use and availability of calcium in our organism can be key for this mineral to take advantage of the maximum and so, bones and teeth remain healthy.

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Liposomal vitamin c improves your heart's health

As we know that regular exercise, low sodium and high fiber diet and other factors can contribute to better cardiovascular health, you should keep in mind that liposomal vitamin c can also improve the health of your heart.

Because of its antioxidant power and because it has been linked to liposomal vitamin c with lower levels of blood pressure, studies show an association between this nutrient and better cardiovascular health.

It has also been observed that higher proportions of liposomal vitamin c are linked to a lower risk of having a stroke, an increasingly frequent condition.

You see that while liposomal vitamin c is a potent antioxidant with the protective effect against aging, it can also offer many other benefits that we often do not know.

For all the above said, more than ever, take care of your liposomal vitamin c intake if you want to be healthy and fit.


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